33% of the world’s total area of cork oak forest is concentrated in Portugal!
It takes 45 years to harvest the first high quality cork.
Cork trees can be harvest every 9 years (producing around 45 KL of good quality cork).
It can be harvest around 16 times during its life.
A cork tree lives between 150 to 200 years!
A cork tree can reach 25 meters height.
The scientific term for cork oak tree is “Quercus Suber L”
The main characteristics of cork are: lightness, impermeability to liquid and gases, compressibility, elasticity, insulator (thermic, acoustic, anti-vibrant), doesn’t burn in live flame, higly abrasion resistant.
Each cubic centimetre of cork contains around 40 million cells and each cell is filled with gases similar to air!

The Cork is unique, from the outer bark of the evergreen cork oak (Quercus suber). The life cycle of cork, as a raw material, starts with the extraction of the bark from cork oaks. The so-called harvesting or stripping, which is carried out during the most active stage in the annual growth of the cork occurs from mid-May or early June to the end of august. But it is, above all, a material that is one hundred per cent natural, recyclable and reusable, essential qualities in a more environmentally friendly and less polluted modern society.
The cork fabrics are very special, feels somewhat like suede, but are naturally water resistant, inert, light weight, impermeable to liquids and gases, vibration damping and resistant to wear and temperature changes.
The cork fabrics are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. All our patterns are made ​​from natural cork without artificial coloring.
The different patterns are achieved only with a combination of different bonding and cutting of the cork.


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